A life long artist Diane has worked in many mediums, "I grew up with a camera in one hand and a paint brush in the other."  A graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison, NJ where Diane double majored in Fine Arts and Art History, she has applied her broad education, and visual touch in many mediums.  After graduation she pursued her desire to work in the visual arts field and created home designs for the premier names in retailing and home fashions; Macy's, Bonwitt Teller, Lord and Taylor, Bloomingdales, A&S, Crystal Clear and various specialty stores. While doing visual merchandising for 25 years in the New York City area she continued her personal art of for smaller clients who published her artwork in Savvy Magazine and Readers Digest. She also continued to paint in acrylics and oils and worked in ceramics and found objects while raising her family.

After leaving the NY area for Maine, Diane continued to work in visual merchandising for several years and as a interim art teacher, reaching out to a younger generation of developing artists. Her enthusiasm and creativity in the community soon brought her to the attention of a local not for profit board of directors who hired her as the Artistic Director of a live theatre company where she was able to bring her sense of visual design to the stage in the form of set design.  “It was so much fun…a full 3D painting with moving characters!”  Working now as the Executive Manager for a world renowned photographer who understands the creative thought, and inspires it’s process,  Diane is now able to throw herself fully into her personal art.  Whether it’s her oil painting or her curiously abstract photography, Diane's work never strays far from the waterfront.  "I have also been doing a series of clay bowls, as tide pools, all highly textural and tonal, with a sense of frailty like our environment.”